Lovable eyelashes with the use of Latisse lash growth serum

buy generic latisse serumMy sister Lily is quite fussy when it comes to clothes and makeups. She wants everything perfect and bangs on and why shouldn’t it be as she herself is a beauty queen. She makes head turn wherever she passes by. She has the perfect face, height and figure but the only thing she complained of is her eyelashes. Her eyelashes seemed to appear quite short and weak. Although she used to make it look beautiful with eyelashes and mascaras then she wished for some permanent solution. A few months back I told her about a serum- the generic Latisse serum that is used on the lashes for enhancing the quality of the lashes permanently. Latisse as a product can be used to increase the length, darkness and strength of your lashes. Order this eye lash growth serum today without prescription

How to use the this serum?

Firstly you need to wash your eyes with clean water and dry it off using a towel. Then you can take the serum on the applicator provided with the serum or use a piece of cotton to dab the serum on the lashes. You should apply the serum only on the upper part of the lashes and then close your eyes so that the serum spreads on the lower lashes as well. Ensure that the serum does not spread inside the eyes and in case it does wash your eyes with cold water immediately.

Are there any side-effects of using the serum?

Yes there are some common side-effects of using the serum and these side-effects include redness in the skin, itchiness in and around the eyes and eye infection. These side-effects can be brought under control with the help of your doctor. Tell your doctor about the side-effects as soon as possible.

How to buy Latisse

You do not need to worry about the availability of the medicine as you can buy this lash growth serum on the internet easily as there are lots of sites where you can buy this lash enhancer product online. Apart from the regular serum you can buy generic Latisse online without a prescription. To order it online you will have to feed in some basic details like your name, address and the desired quantity. The payment can be made online or you can make the payment once the product is delivered to you.

As far as the availability of the product is concerned you can order for the medicine online or you can buy it from other regular stores so stop waiting and try this serum today