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Make your eyelashes look Thicker and darker with the help of Latisse

Generic Latisse

Generic Latisse is a bimatoprost ophthalmic solution which has been approved by the FDA and is used for promoting eyelash growth. There are many off-label uses of this medicine and one of them is to help the growth of eyelashes in spite of not having hypotrichosis. This is primarily a prescription drug and is only prescribed for individuals suffering from a condition named hypotrichosis, which means the lack of adequate amount of lashes. However, most people buy generic latisse online and in such e-commerce websites it is not an absolute requirement to have a legal prescription present generic latisse online pharmacy caters to the requirements of all those who had been suffering from inferiority complex from not having an adequate amount of lashes.

Uses of generic Latisse

It is made from the primary ingredient bimatoprost which is used for the treatment of glaucoma among patients. It was during such treatment, it came into notice the eyelash growth function of bimatoprost. It is not exactly known as to how bimatoprost boosts eyelash growth however, since the discovery it has been manufactured for the treatment of hypotrichosis- the lack of enough amounts of eyelashes. However, in the cosmetic world it has been seeked by all those individuals who wanted to be the possessor of great thick eyelashes. However, it serves a psychological prospect too as it helps to lower the inferiority complex of those people who were unhappy with the appearance of their eyelashes. Some people suffer from eyelash follicular trauma, due to pulling out of eyelashes. It provides a solution for such people too. Order Latisse Online Australia and see the changes it brings about in the way you look. It gives people the confidence to step outside without caking their face in makeup.


Some cautious measures have to be taken while using latisse, such as-

• Remove makeup from your face and eyes before applying this bottle in order to avoid any instances of infection.

Remove your lenses before applying bimatoprost and do not put them back after application for at least half an hour.

• It should be applied only with the help of an applicator. Dispose of the applicators after each use and refill the applicators after you have exhausted the pack.

• Do not touch the dropper of the bimatoprost bottle to your eyelash or the applicator in order to avoid eye infection.

• It should be applied only to the upper lash line. Any excess of it should be wiped off as it may cause hair growth on parts where it comes into contact.

• Many people have a question as to how to order online. You can easily browse in any search engine for good e-commerce websites but be sure to check the authentication of the website as there are a lot of fraud websites.

• It may cause permanent discolouration of your iris.

• Do not take this if you are already using some other medication of glaucoma as it may cause drug interactions.

Publish On05/13/2017